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Clean-Up Programmes

Our Clean-Up Programmes aim at sensitising the wider local population. The basic prerequisite for our Clean-Ups is to cooperate with the local government, which, in Nepal, is organised through ward offices. After coming to an agreement with the ward chairman, we begin to distribute invitations in the chosen neighbourhood, one day before the event. The posting of social media events is a supplementary help for attracting more people to the event.

Our Clean-Ups are similarly organised like public rallies. Banners, microphone and sound system are put into use and journalists as well as public figures are invited. Sanitary gloves, which briefly become the uniform of all participants are distributed to bystanders, motivating them to join the event.

The collected trash is stored either in rice bags, which either subsequently will get picked up by the municipal services or will get transported to them directly by using a tractor. The problem of plastic pollution is far from being solved with our Clean-Up Programmes, since the garbage ultimately lands in the landfill. Crucial, however, is the enlightening and mindfulness-creating nature of these activities.

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